GoodDemos was created to help aspiring artists and to advocate fun in the arts


This site is rudimentary. That is usually what 'demos' are about - to get an idea about the project. For every song on the charts there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) more filtering through the country side.

Think of it as a collaboration. If a group writes a song, they are likely to share many versions among themselves before they 'release' the song to a general audience. The idea of a free demo is to collaborate with the larger audience early in the process. (Current copyright laws protect authors' work from the moment of commission to paper or recording – see LINKS for more info). Suffice it to say that there is no such thing as a demo that is not under construction.

A friend of mine's daughter is an aspiring actress. She found that theater artists have a hard time practicing their trade compared to, say, painters - who can pick up a canvas and paint, even if they don't get to sell it. Performers must have a stage. Aspiring actresses and actors find themselves struggling for auditions. A painter struggles to paint, immersed in her work. Performers long to be immersed in their work when they struggle without a venue.