Here is my philosophy about the economics of the music industry:

Sources of income for your music:

PERFORMANCE: Gigs - Gigs - Gigs - Get out there and play!

SALES: Songs, Recordings, Branding & Merchandizing

TEACHING: Instrument/Music Lessons & Workshops

Music appreciation and enjoyment is the prime motivator and creative force behind the entire music industry.

Music is primarily produced for enjoyment. Why do we buy a CD or a consert ticket? We plunk down the money looking forward to enjoying the music. What motivates music industry executives to produce and distribute music? Money and enjoyment of music. Why do artists write, perform and sell their music? Money and enjoyment. Take away the enjoyment; what do you have left? Certainly not a market for music. Take away the money; what do you have left? Certainly not a livelyhood. But, you can still enjoy the music, sung and played at home and with friends and neighbors. So, it is not the money that actually drives the economic viability of the music industry. It is the enjoyment of the music itself!

Those people who invest in music to make a buck are motivated by intersts that may or may not include the enjoyment of music. Those of us who shell out our hard-earned cash for the right to listen to the music are focused primarily on the enjoyment of the music.

Would the music industry survive without music? No.

Would music survive without the music industry? Yes.

Would the music industry survive without people buying music? No.

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Conclusion: If you want to make money from your music, you may benefit most by paying attention to how you and your audience enjoy your music.

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